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                                                                                                    Updated May 27th, 2016
If you are coming via Wisconsin or upper Michigan you might want to use Gore Bay Airport (CYZE)  on Manitoulin Island for entry.  Sarnia Airport (CYZR) at the southern tip of Lake Huron is good for those coming in from the Detroit area. Pelee Island Airport (CYPT)  at the west end of Lake Erie is good but no fuel.  St.Catherines (CYSN)  near Niagara Falls. East of Toronto there is Kingston (CYGK) and Gananoque (CNN8).  But please first check "AOE" airports at the following website:
From AOE Enroute Waypoint Distance (stat) Time (80 mph)
Gore Bay Airport  CYZE Tobermory Airport   CNR4 approx 170 2:10
Sarnia Airport   CYZR Collingwood Airport   CNY3 approx 205 2:35
Pelee Island Airport   CYPT Stratford Airport   CNM4 approx 285 3.35
St.Catherines Airport  CYSN (overfly) Hamilton CYHM approx 145 1:50
Kingston Airport    CYGK  Peterborough Airport CYPQ approx 190 2:20